Who We Are …

  • Haitian Market Displaying Cut Metal

Goals  ….  Creations of Hope goals are threefold:

  • Support the artisans of Haiti
  • Provide funds to build schools for Haitian children giving them an opportunity for education
  • Share the beauty that is Haiti with you, our customers

Creations Of Hope ensures that all profits from the sale of Haitian artwork are returned back to Haiti.

After a number of visits to Haiti where we experienced the beauty of the Haitian people as well as the beauty of their artwork, Creations of Hope was born.

We are a partnership of two Americans and one Haitian committed to helping the Haitian people improve their quality of life.

We believe poverty in Haiti could be greatly reduced if the Haitian people had an opportunity to sell the unique crafts they produce.

Creations of  Hope purchases these products for resale in the United States.

The artisans are paid in full when their products are delivered to us.

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