Artisans Of Haiti

To create the unique cut metal artwork Artisans in Haiti use whatever materials are available to them. For the iron artisans of Croix-des-Bouquets that usually means metal from recycled oil drums. Artisans take this material and transform it into wall sculptures of everything from traditional Haitian mythological creatures to religious, landscapes, and children’s artwork.

A few miles east of Port au Prince you can hear the constant tapping and banging in the city of Croix-des-Bouquets where about 300 artisans in 60 workshops laboriously cut apart the drums and shape them with cold chisels and hammers into works of art.


Each piece of artwork has a three-dimensional look resulting from dimples and lines made by hammer marks. Most pieces are coated with a varnish finish coat, and some are beautifully are painted in brilliant colors giving them that  island motif.

One of our Goals is to help every child in Haiti get an education. We also hope to establish a scholarship fund for young Haitians to attend college in Haiti.

You can help by hosting a Creations of Hope Haiti Market sale at your church or local organization.
Host a home party and invite your friends. You can choose which products you would like to have for sale—everything or one specific line. For more information go to our Host Haiti Market  page.

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